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While our projects span a range of specific purposes, content areas, and sectors, the common thread across all our work is that we synthesize information from multiple sources to provide practitioners and policy makers the information they need to make decisions and craft initiatives and programs at the national, state, municipal, community, school and classroom level. More specifically, our studies typically:


  • document program and project processes, for future replication

  • document evidence of change from a third party perspective and through the objective collection and analysis of data

  • assist program leaders and policy-makers to measure progress toward goals or assess outcomes

  • provide actionable data-based conclusions and recommendations to guide decision-making and continuous improvement

  • identify key program elements that are associated with positive change

  • identify barriers to success, strategic considerations, and promising practices

  • contribute to dissemination of lessons learned

  • develop evidence-based explanations of change, often contributing to large-scale dissemination of findings and scale-up of replicable models.


Our work is guided by formative, summative, process, outcome, and developmental evaluation theory; organizational development theory; adult learning theory; and systems change theory.


Please contact Dr. Shultz for further descriptions of our projects, references, and samples of our work.

Our Work
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