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We present evidence-based findings and conclusions in formats that are most appropriate for each client, with an eye toward usability, timeliness and relevance. Throughout the process, we maintain close communication and may develop interim reports, management briefs, and other updates to keep our clients apprised of progress and emergent findings.


We draw on our deep expertise in research and evaluation design, coupled with a fierce intellectual curiosity, to develop an understanding of the context within which our clients are operating and the pressing issues that confront them. From start-up to conclusion, we infuse our projects with a collaborative spirit. We employ customized research and evaluation approaches to focus in on the key challenges, issues and opportunities that each client faces.


We employ qualitative and mixed methods approaches, depending on the specific research questions, typically including interviews, focus groups, online and paper-based surveys, document and literature review, and observations. We use remote technologies as appropriate, to minimize cost and disruption to study participants’ work.


We develop technical reports, case studies, thematic summaries, oral presentations and other deliverables for federal and state agencies, school districts, non-profit and philanthropic organizations and community groups.

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