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Green River Research is a woman-owned small business, established in July 2017 to extend the consulting work of its founder, Dr. Greta Shultz, an education researcher and program evaluation specialist. We design and implement applied research, program evaluation and policy studies in education, human services, and community development.

About Our Name

We are a responsive, client-centered organization, and we traverse borders -

disciplinary, methodological, and intellectual.


As the small Green River leads to the wider Connecticut River, we follow the data where it leads in order to answer our clients’ key questions and support their larger mission. 

According to Wikipedia, "The Green River begins in Marlboro, Vermont, then goes east through Halifax, then Guilford, where it turns south into Massachusetts. It continues south and acts as the border for Colrain and Leyden. In total it runs 31.5 miles (50.7 km), 14.8 in Vermont and 16.7 in Massachusetts. It runs into the Deerfield River which then runs just under two miles into the Connecticut River."    

About Our Name
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